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Electric Eats is a new mobile eatery that specializes in preparing all sorts of delicious electric eel delicacies: spark soup, BELTs (bacon, eel, lettuce, tomato), kilowatt tacos. Ope, never mind. It’s actually an electric food truck that made its debut on campus in the spring of 2022, thanks to a partnership between Madison Gas & Electric Foundation and the UW Office of Sustainability’s Green Fund. Powered 100 percent by battery, the Electric Eats food truck accrues about half the energy costs as a traditional to-go trolley, and it emits about 16 percent of the carbon that a gas-powered vehicle does. The food may not fork literal lightning, but it’s by no means standard fare. Electric Eats offers responsibly sourced grub packaged in low-waste options to maximize sustainability efforts. What’s on the menu? It depends on what’s in season and what’s available through local producers, including the UW Student Organic Farm. Follow the battery-powered truck on Instagram to see where you can find it out and about on campus

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