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Make no Milk Bones about it: the K9 officers of the UW–Madison Police Department are taking a bite out of crime. In the early 2000s, the department introduced K9 officers to help detect explosives and track suspects. Since then, the UWPD’s four-legged force has expanded to include three categories of K9 officers: explosives detection, drug enforcement, and their newest addition, canine therapy. In 2023, the UWPD became the first police department in Dane County to introduce therapy dogs. Their job is to help the campus community during times of crisis, assist in recovering from traumatic events, and provide general stress relief. Currently, the department has four dogs that are each partnered with a (human) UWPD officer they work and live with: Ritter and Maverick specialize in crowd control and explosives detection during large events on campus; Kobalt focuses on drug enforcement during traffic stops; and Dusty does therapy work. A round of a-paws for UWPD’s canine coworkers!

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