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If you’re in the know about the UW’s First Nations Cultural Landscape Tour (or “FNCLT” — it’s pronounced just like it’s spelled), then we’re not surprised you’re asking this question: the tours are a hot ticket. If you don’t know what FNCLTs are, then we’re happy to explain. FNCLT is one of several kinds of tours offered by Campus and Visitor Relations. Its focus is on the region’s 12,000 years of human habitation — and particularly the Ho-Chunk people who flourished here for generations before the UW was established. Campus shows many reminders of its Ho-Chunk past, including mounds and recently discovered canoes. Since the tours began in 2003, more than 25,000 people have gone on one, and if you want to join, you’ll have to do several things. The first step, naturally, is to plan a trip to campus: if you want to see the landscape, you have to be on the landscape, so the FNCLT is strictly an in-person event. Step two: register in advance of the tour. Step three: enjoy!

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