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WAA Membership

WAA membership is where Badgers belong. It’s a special community where alumni take their passion for the UW to the next level. This community’s connections are stronger, the perks are better, and the Badger spirit is greater.

Benefits of Being a WAA Member

Homecoming parade


WAA members are part of a true blue (let’s say red in this case) community filled with like-minded Badgers who are passionate about UW–Madison. While you may not be able to find it on any map, you can see this community come to life on Alumni Travel tours and during Member Appreciation month every April.

Pedestrians walk along a colorful tree-lined sidewalk on Bascom Hill in fall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


No matter where life takes you, as a WAA member you’ll always feel a strong connection to the UW and to fellow Badgers. With special access to engaging programs and services and a free subscription to Badger Insider magazine, WAA offers the best ways to stay connected and hold onto the best parts of being a Badger.

Cut into rusted-steel, backlit and iconic graphics of the Badger Pride Wall – including Bucky Badger, Abraham Lincoln and Bascom Hall – are part of the many informational displays featured at Alumni Park


From championing the sifting and winnowing of ideas to getting down with the funk of the Fifth Quarter, there are just so many points of pride to inspire every Badger — and WAA membership embraces them all. And consider your member card a symbol of your pride, along with other celebrated member benefits.

Wisconsin Alumni Association life member license plate

Solidify Your Commitment. Share Your Spirit.

Be a forever Badger by becoming a lifetime member. Along with taking comfort in knowing you’ll remain connected to the UW and fellow Badgers from here on out, lifetime members receive an exclusive license plate frame that drives home your passion.

Let's Find the Best Membership for You

Joining for the first time? Or are you a long-time member who wants to make sure you're getting the best deal? Either way, answer the following questions to see what's right for you.



Did you graduate from UW Madison within the last five years?


Are you 65 years of age or over?


What type of member option are you looking for?


Find the answers you need and ways to get in touch with the membership team by checking out the helpful FAQ page.