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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This must have been the guiding philosophy for students as they voted on a name for the old Union South’s replacement, er, Union South. During the Associated Students of Madison’s spring 2010 election, the ballot offered four options for the new building: Union South, Randall Union, Varsity Union, and Discovery Union. Union South won in a landslide with 8,738 votes (65 percent), and Randall Union earned a distant second place with 2,311 votes. If the new Union South ever needs to change its name, we came up with some additional unoriginal options for a future ballot: the Onion, in honor of the satirical paper started by Badgers; Union Utopia, to celebrate Babcock Dairy’s great contributions to the science of ice cream and punny flavors; and Union Not-North, to salute students’ clear affinity for cardinal directions.

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