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House of Pain’s hit song officially started a Camp Randall tradition on October 10, 1998, when the stadium played “Jump Around” at the end of the third quarter in the Homecoming game against Purdue. We say officially because this was the first time the song made the UW Athletics playlist — thanks to intern Ryan Sondrup ’99 — and blasted through the stadium’s loudspeakers. Unofficially, the men’s swim team will take credit for first blaring “Jump Around” at a Badger football game five years earlier. According to Cam Loos ’95, he and his teammates, who were big House of Pain fans, took it upon themselves to get the crowd going. Beginning in 1993, these offbeat Badgers began smuggling a megaphone (hidden under a swimmer’s parka) and a Sony Discman into the stadium. “That enabled us to play the song loud enough for the student sections,” explains Loos, “to get riled up for the Badgers.” We couldn’t say if the official start of “Jump Around” was inspired by the Sony-smuggled version or not. Either way, it’s clear that Badgers were meant to jump up and get down.

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