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Land management experts at the Arboretum reap what they sow. And they sow a lot of seeds. Each spring, members of the land care crew begin with collecting the seeds of ephemerals — plants with short life cycles. Through November, the team monitors and collects seeds from various species as they become ready. In 2022, the land care crew collected 377 pounds of seed from 163 species scattered throughout the Arboretum. Thanks to a couple of plantastic donors, the Arboretum was also able to acquire an additional 364 pounds of seed last year. With a record-breaking 741 pounds of future flowers, grasses, and greens, the Arboretum has sown its largest and most diverse seed mix ever. This native seed cocktail will primarily help restore two areas of the Arboretum that have been at war with invasive species: Lost City Forest and Southwest Grady Savanna. It will also sprout a plethora of plants meant to sustain pollinators and animals throughout multiple seasons. In short, the 2023 growing season at the Arboretum is going to knock your stalks off. 

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