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The Best Hangout Spots Around Campus

Everyone knows about the Memorial Union and Bascom Hill. But what other hidden gems are around campus?

Everyone knows about the Memorial Union and Bascom Hill. But what other hidden gems are around campus? We asked, “What was your favorite hangout around campus?” on Facebook, and Badgers answered!

To start us off, these were the most commented answers!

  1. Top Floor of Van Hise
  2. Second Floor of the Memorial Union 
  3. Jingles Stadium Bar
  4. Rennebohm
  5. The Plaza

Now, let's get into your favorites!

Way back in the day, the Badger Tavern, was a fun place to hang out followed only by the Terrace!

Amy M.K. 

Casa del Lara on State St. (great margs) and The Klinic, a bar near the corner of Fish Hatchery and Vilas. They sponsored 3 of our softball teams and had amazing Friday night fish fries! The Terrace was also a fav during the summers on Saturdays.

Lori H. K.

There were so many! It depended on the season! The top of the boathouse was great the week before school started.

Eve G.

The top of the law library had the best views, and the Union.

Michelle J. H.

Memorial Union and Terrace, the Plaza, and every Tuesday night at Club de Wash!

Lynne B.

Student Unions! TV room at Union South for lunch & The Terrace at Memorial from April til October! And Jingles Stadium Bar was practically our living room.

Shari W.

The room on the 2nd floor of the Memorial Union with classical music & a view of the lake.

Patrick S.

Key room in the music building!

Trish Z.

The Living Room!

Julia D. T.

The Plaza Bar and Grill.

Linda B.M.

In the ‘70s, the music room on second floor of Memorial Union. So many hours!!

Kathyn K.E.

Elvehjem Museum of Art.

Anne R.

The Rathskeller.

Jeffrey B.

Helen C. White or the Pizza Hut buffet on State.

Andrew K.

The Caboose in the dorm commons.

Mary C.

I can't believe I am saying this. Bob and Gene's on University Avenue. It's long gone.

Diane L.

Steenbock Memorial Library.

Janet B.

Union and Canterbury Booksellers!

Angie B.B.

In the middle of the Humanities Building courtyard….we’d lay out there in the spring with our boombox 1984-85 & 85-86.

Branka D.

Big Ten Pub after the hockey games!

Libby N.A.

The Lakefront path.

Trici S.

The Natatorium.

Perry H.

A booth at Rennebohm's for coffee and friends.

Terri T.

Memorial Union, particularly the Rathskeller. But my go to spot for studying was in the Memorial Library cages.

Todd W.

Rocky's and Spaceport on State Street for study breaks.

Matthew D.

In the original Ogg Hall, every 2 floors made up a "house." Each house had a lounge. I enjoyed hanging out in the Holhfeld House lounge, located on the 5th floor, Ogg Hall East Tower.

Kathy I.H.

The library on the top floor of Science Hall, and the Woman’s Lounge in the Memorial Union.

Lisa H.

Espresso Royal and Michelangelo’s!

Dana J.

One of my favorite hangouts was Joe Hart’s. On Sunday nights they would have a jazz trio. Used to grab a back booth with my books and a coke (or a “study beer”) and just enjoy the music as I read my assignments.

Andrew J.

The 13th story of the Educational Sciences Building! The elevator only goes to 12 then you have to go up a rainbow painted staircase to this sweet room with 360 degree windows!

Aaron D.

The School of Education building's living room. 

Connor R.

Union Terrace in the summertime with friends over pitchers.

Todd H.

Jingle's Stadium Bar on Regent Street!

Bobb L.

A booth at State Street Brats! Best place to meet up with friends.

Kyle B.

Top floor of the Ed Psych Building. Great view from up there and fairly quiet for studying.

Dana T.

The Ag Library was a good place for studying.

Ron A.

On the piers next to Memorial Union. Favorite place to tan and swim on hot days!

Leanne M.

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