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Great question, Don Keigh! The UW is somewhat unique in that it doesn’t offer “minors,” but “certificates.” These undergrad mini-courses of study are fulfilled in 12-21 credits, compared to a major’s 30-plus. Popular certificates for today’s undergrads include business, criminal justice, and environmental studies, but the newest one — which plans to start recruitment on April 31 — is the new certificate of mime arts. The program is a joint effort between the School of Education’s theatre department and the College of Letters and Sciences communication arts department. The certificate is open to all undergrads, but more serious students can audition for acceptance into the “method” track: those most committed to the craft will receive signed permission to cease all vocalizing in their other lectures and discussions, and at the conclusion of the program, will be awarded the new Marcel Marceau scholarship. As far as course-specifics go, we reached out to the program’s cochairs — D’Avril Poisson and Jürgen Aprilscherz — but neither were willing to talk to us.

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