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Well, the UW Libraries catalog is certainly a great tool to get any student or researcher what they need. And the librarians are wonderful resources. But we are talking about a library here, so let’s get more literal. The most helpful tool that College Library offers is a drill. Or a button-maker, or a ladder, or a shovel. Technically, the answer depends on the project. But the Tool Library — a small tool shed located on the first floor of College Library — offers a plethora of options for patrons with a Wiscard and a DIY dream. There’s also a vending machine that would draw the eye of any dedicated crafter, with offerings including nails, screws, thread, and button accessories. The tool shed is modeled after a growing trend in public library circulation, and College Library administrators implemented it in 2021 for students who don’t have a lot of storage or money to spend on toolkits they might only use a few times. Figuratively, yes, the pen is still mightier than the sword. But sometimes you just need a hammer.

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