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The lab on Lake Mendota was known as the Limnology Lab until 2005, when it was renamed the Hasler Laboratory of Limnology after the late Arthur Hasler PhD’37, a former professor who was instrumental in its creation. During Hasler’s tenure in the 1950s, the limnology department was split between two buildings: its labs were on Park Street, and its offices were in Birge Hall. Unable to gain university funding for a new building to house both, Hasler instead secured funds from the National Science Foundation, and, because he had obtained the funding, he was allowed to select both the architect and the site (excellent choice, Dr. Hasler) for the new building. His spot on the lake seemed like an obvious choice for a limnology lab, but Hasler actually chose that location to prevent an automobile road from being built that would have disturbed the Lakeshore Nature Preserve, an area he loved greatly. Construction on the lab began in April 1962 and was completed in August 1963. It was dedicated as the Laboratory of Limnology 55 years ago yesterday — on April 5, 1963.

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