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Finals Frenzy: Not So Bad

Badger Insider readers shared their final-exam horror stories with us, and we heard everything — from studying the wrong material to misreading the exam location. Here are all of the memories we received.

Students studying at the Terrace.

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Finals Frenzy

I attended Madison West High School, graduating in 1950. Our football team played Kenosha High, and I remember Alan Ameche ’56 running at will through our team — he was virtually unstoppable. He went on to win the Heisman trophy.

I met Alan my sophomore year in a zoology laboratory, required by all premeds and also by physical education students. I talked to him about that high school game, and we became acquainted. Zoology was the toughest course for the physical education majors, and I was glad to help him through the course. He gave me a warm greeting whenever we passed each other on Bascom Hill. My contribution to Badger football.
Richard Stiehm ’54, MD’57
Santa Monica, California

As a freshman in 1965, I learned to check the final exam schedule in the course catalog before registering for classes. Although exams were scheduled over a nine day period, I had all five exams the first weekend: two on Friday and three on Saturday. I was done with exams while friends were still studying for their first exam. We connected Saturday evening after my last exam to see Cat Ballou at the Orpheum Theater, attending an added midnight showing as 10 p.m. had sold out.
Jim Dillinger ’68
Austin, TX

I actually enjoyed the pressure of exams and found myself focused and relaxed. I also drank a lot of coffee, too, and enjoyed the beers afterwards.
Steven Safran ’78
New City, NY

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