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The first class of students, back in 1849, probably lived on bread, milk, and the odd fish from Lake Mendota. We’ve come a long way. Today, the most universal favorite food is Babcock ice cream. In the mid-1900s, chef Carson Gulley’s fudge-bottom pie was wildly popular. It still makes an appearance at dining halls and class-reunion dinners. Juston Stix, created by Juston Johnson ’02, were added to the UW Housing menu in 1997. The butter- and cheese-covered bread sticks were a huge hit for years, but alas, they are no longer offered. Brats on the Terrace and Union popcorn are time-honored traditions. But UW students, ever in pursuit of calorie-laden goodness, often source their sustenance off campus. The venerable Plazaburger with its secret sauce holds a special place in the hearts of many alums. More recently, Ian’s mac and cheese pizza has become a student staple. Another recent favorite, judging by the crazy-long lines at the Fresh Cool Drinks food cart on Library Mall, are the huge spring rolls priced for a student budget at only $3.50 apiece. Giant pancakes at Mickie’s Dairy Bar and (especially at bartime) gyros from the Parthenon and donuts from the Greenbush Bakery are other popular go-tos. What were your favorites when you were on campus?

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