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Sure, all of the Big Ten campuses have their good qualities, but we all know that the UW is the most beautiful. But at just 936 acres, UW–Madison has the third smallest campus in the conference. (Ohio State, the biggest, has a whopping 1,777 acres.) Within the UW’s small — but wonderful — acreage, there’s a lot going on and even more to explore. The highest point on campus is Eagle Heights Woods, in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve, at 1,005 feet, says Steve Wagner ’95, communications director for UW Facilities Planning and Management. The preserve represents about one-third of the total acreage of the main UW campus. Not too far from here, you’ll find the lowest point at 850 feet, which is the Lake Mendota shoreline in University Bay. In comparison, Bascom Hill measures up to about 950 feet in elevation.

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