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Butterfat content ranges anywhere between 10 to 18 percent in the ice cream industry. Butterfat, a natural fat derived from milk, adds rich flavor, smooth texture, body and good melting properties to ice cream. When done properly, increased butterfat content enhances these qualities in America's favorite frozen treat. (Butterfat also increases ice cream's calories, but let's just focus on the benefits.) Each Babcock Hall Dairy flavor, from Blue Moon to Chocolate Turtle, falls into one of two categories: regular or super premium. Generally speaking, ice cream is considered to be super premium by industry standards if the butterfat content is greater than 15 percent and it contains less air than regular ice cream. In comparison, Babcock Hall Dairy's butterfat content ranges from 12 percent for regular ice cream and 17 percent for super premium ice cream. Babcock Hall Dairy ice cream is sold by the cone or the pint and can be purchased at the Babcock Hall Dairy Store. For those of you outside the Madison area, try's shipping service to have your favorite flavor delivered to your door.

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