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Since the inaugural snowball fight on December 9, 2009, Badgers have intermittently brought back the Battle for Bascom, a snowy showdown between residents of the Southeast and Lakeshore dorms. In this conflict, the ammo is as cold as a combatant’s feelings for the enemy. Lately, however, the two parties have apparently achieved a détente — there hasn’t been an outbreak in fighting in about four years’ time. The students could have resorted to covert operations, but we can’t find any record of large-scale snowball combat on Bascom since February 15, 2020. If you watch video of the original 2009 battle, which included nearly 4,000 students, the 2020 fight looks like a skirmish in comparison. That 2009 battle might have been bigger because organizers were trying to break a record for the world’s largest snowball fight, or because students had nothing better to do on a serendipitous snow day. Either way, the enthusiasm for pelting other Badgers with snow wasn’t what it once was. Students may have forgotten about the tradition post-COVID, or perhaps there are more pacifists and conscientious objectors on campus today. Even if there hasn’t been much organized snowfare in the past few years, you can usually find Badgers having a blast in winter weather.

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