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What Makes You Homesick for Campus?

Just the thought of it makes you want to be a student on campus again… what is it?

Just the thought makes you nostalgic for being a student at UW–Madison. We asked Badgers to share what makes them homesick for campus. Here is what some had to say.

Early fall afternoons, when the breeze blows gently through the leaves. Makes me want to be back on Bascom studying in the grass.

Stephanie M.

Strolling the campus & loving every moment of it!

Pawnee F. G.

The Terrace on Fridays during the summer and Babcock Hall ice cream and eggnog!

Lori H. K.

Every crystal clear fall morning reminds me of walking to Camp Randall for an 11am kickoff.

Sarah K. R.

Hearing the band play Varsity.

Kelly H. K.

Walking on the Lakeshore Path in Fall to return to Vilas House after studying in the Memorial Library stacks.

Dan W.

Ella’s Deli and Guerilla cookies.

Georgia Z.

Babcock ice cream and the whole month of October!

Everett E.

Riding my bike on the lakeshore bike path.

Peggy K.

The meal plan at Memorial Union after a day of classes and before a long night's job of studying in a carrel in the Library.

Robert B.

People watching on Library Mall or Bacsom Hill on a sunny day between classes. 

Maria P. B.

Walking to picnic point, biking the lakeshore path, the music at the terrace on a Friday evening. (And I have to say, all the interesting courses I had to choose from.)

Julia E.

Just the positive energy on campus. Along with the Memorial Union, Badger hockey games, Badger football games Picnic Point, and State Street.

Scott H.

Game day Saturdays, Memorial Union terrace, dorms where you lived in the same hallway as all your friends! As a parent now I’m lucky if I see my best friends a couple times a year - miss having fun with all my friends in the dorms!

Megan M. W.

Just hearing "On Wisconsin."

Carl B.

Student season tickets.

Evan R.

State street at Christmas time, the lights, smells of food, and shopping.

Jennifer R.

Walking home from classes at the hospital in the fall and stopping at Babcock for a sundae, then eating it while watching the marching band practice.

Gail G. R.

Mickies Dairy Bar.

Jon R.

Football at Camp Randall. All of the lakes. That feeling of freedom walking down State Street. Farmers Markets.

Kellie H.

$3 pitchers and the cigarette machine at the KK.

John R.

The feeling of absolute freedom. The sunny days and beautiful nights on the Terrace with friends, music, movies and beer.

Debi G.

Sitting at the union terrace in the summer and the Rathskeller in the winter. Walking up Bascom hill or along the Lakeshore path. Game day Saturdays during football season with all the pre and post game festivities.

Miki F.

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