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Throwback Thursday #ShortShorts

My, how the times…and hemlines…have changed.

Short shorts throwback

Who wears short shorts? Badger men's basketball! Or, at least they used to in 1928. On the left is a picture of Harold 'Bud' Foster '30 from the March 1928 issue of the Wisconsin Alumni Magazine. Foster played for the Badgers from 1926-1930, while the team had a three-season record of 43-8. In 1933, Foster took over as head coach for the Badgers, leading the team to the 1941 NCAA championship. Foster held on to the record of 266 coaching wins — until Coach Bo Ryan surpassed him with the March 2012 win over the Hoosiers. Foster was inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame (1964), the State of Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame (1970), and the University of Wisconsin Athletics Hall of Fame (1991).

Foster's hemlines may not have stood the test of time (and we're sure the current Badgers don't mind), but his legacy has. On March 9, Bo Ryan was once again named Big Ten Coach of Year — his fourth win in fourteen seasons. Frank Kaminsky was voted the 2015 Big Ten Player of the Year, and unanimously selected as first-team All-Big Ten. Teammates Sam Dekker and Nigel Hayes earned second and third-team All-Big Ten honors (respectively), and John Gasser was named to the Big Ten All-Defensive Team.

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