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The Red Shirt: One Candidate Rises to the Top

Badger voters from around the world have spoken. Meet The Red Shirt™, Ninth Edition, featuring a design that Badgers everywhere are sure to love.

In an election year when few seem happy with the way the political process is playing out, it’s good to know that democracy can still work.

During The Red Shirt™ election of 2016, no super PACs were involved. There were no robocalls, no behind-the-scenes wrangling with superdelegates, and no dark money.

None of that nonsense came into play during this very special Badger election. In a show of civility and fairness, Badgers everywhere cast their votes for their favorite new design for The Red Shirt™. (There was no recount.)

The winner is a jaunty “In Bucky We Trust” design, featuring a well-dressed and monocled Bucky. Beginning in August, Badgers will be donning this highly dignified design on campus, at sporting events, and wherever else Badgers want to let the world know they’re, well, Badgers.

The winning design will absolutely live up to its campaign promise to help deserving students because proceeds from sales of the shirts will go to the Great People Scholarship.

And, winning design for The Red Shirt™, Ninth Edition will also succeed in its other important campaign promise: to make you look good, with a full range of sizes available. New for this year is a tri-blend version that couples a prewashed, vintage look with a super-soft fabric!

In August, when The Red Shirt™, Ninth Edition is available for purchase, voters will be clamoring to get their hands on this collectible piece of Badgerwear. Get yours and show the world that democracy works pretty darned well — at least for Badgers.

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