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Thank You, Professor: Other

Alumni give thanks to their favorite professors.

Two African-American female students with their professor.

Photo courtesy of UW Archives

By Badger Insider Readers

Law School

Thank you, Professor [Joel Barry] Grossman for the great year of constitutional law, 1964–65. Cemented my decision to go to law school at the UW and spend a half century as a lawyer. Retirement transformed me into an adjunct professor at Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, founded by former UW professor Richard Effland et al. where I am now a constitutional law teacher !
Charles Herf ’65, JD’68
Paradise Valley, Arizona

School of Nursing

I would like to extend my thanks and immense gratitude to my first clinical nursing professor, Rosemary Chioni. The timeframe was the summer of 1967 and the class was Nursing Fundamentals. Having no hospital experience, I was clearly apprehensive about everything. We worked on a neurological unit with an ICU so the patient population was complex. She was so patient and kind to me. I'll never forget her guidance during my very first injection. It went perfectly thanks to Professor Chioni’s supervision and support. I've never, ever forgotten her and am truly grateful for her being my instructor. I went on to 45 successful, satisfying years of nursing — including many years teaching clinical students. Her influence on me was paid forward to my students. Thank you, Professor Rosemary Chioni in the School of Nursing.
Nancy Oakes Briggs ’69
Eagle, Wisconsin

Thank You, Professor!

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