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Student Waits For Walk Sign At Intersection

Are you shocked?

Students at crosswalk UW-Madison

MADISON, WI—It was a sunny Friday, well above freezing, and UW–Madison senior Scott Witz was in no particular hurry. Earlier this morning, as he does every day ending in -y, Witz hit snooze only once, leaving himself plenty of time to prepare for a full day of classes. Being sure to grab the homework assignment he completed well in advance, Witz set out from his apartment on Spring Street and headed for his first class in the Humanities building. What happened only a few moments later was something that nobody would have expected.

Sources confirmed seeing Witz approach the intersection of Park Street and University Avenue, with only three seconds left on the Walk/Don’t Walk sign. Several onlookers watched Witz stop and wait until the walk sign reappeared several minutes later. An anonymous source recorded the entire incident on a cellphone camera, and emailed it to the UW Police Department “I feel like this kid is suspicious like that’s not even how your [sic] supposed to use the road,” the source said in the email.

Witz told reporters that waiting for the walk sign to cross Park felt like the right thing to do. “During every passing period, you see students racing across the street as cars are inching forward,” the Racine native said. “It’s just like, super unsafe, man.”

UPDATE Witz sent the following tweet four hours after the incident occurred:
@scottwitzistheman1234: “lol jk april fools yall #noregrets

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