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How Badger Men’s Basketball Is Going to #BreakTheInternet…sort of. (Updated with new memes)

Puppies who love the Badgers. Impressive new vocabulary words. An undying love for The Nitty’s fries. We’ve discovered a lot of really good things during 2015 March Madness. UW men’s basketball is taking the Internet by storm. Our Badgers have become the Taylor Swifts of college basketball (bear with me here). Not only are they (like Taylor Swift) very tall and thin, but they’re having a blast — turning what could be in-your-face media coverage into something fun. They’re just a bunch of normal dudes, with completely adorkable dance moves.

Grantland’s Mark Titus nailed it, saying, “I hate that all of this is happening with Wisconsin just because it’s not also happening to me. If Wisconsin held an auction in which the highest bidder got to ride mopeds, play FIFA, eat cheese curds, drink Spotted Cows, and do whatever else happens when you hang with the Buzzcuts for a week, I’d bid somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 billion.” So would we, Titus. So would we.

We’ve already laid out how the Badgers have made America fall in love with them. Here are 11 memes (or tiny Internet nuggets most likely made by procrastinating students) that show how @BadgerMBB is conquering the Internet:


Barry Alvarez giving a thumbs up


Angry Bo Ryan pointing

#captainamerica, aka Josh Gasser

JP Gasser with Captain America mask and shield


Badger looking ahead

#whenyouseeit, Coach Ryan totally looks like the Grinch.

Images of Bo Ryan next to images of the Grinch

#doublecheck yourself before you wreck yourself, Kentucky.

Robert Downey Jr rolling his eyes



Very big in Sheboygan


Most interesting Man in the World




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