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Meet Sydney Endres ’17 and Mariah Martin ’18

ENDRES: Hi. I'm Sydney Endres, class of 2017, a graduate in Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communication.

MARTIN: And I'm Mariah Martin. I graduated in 2018 with Life Sciences Communication.

Well, when the whole pandemic hit and the world changed as we knew it, one thing that Sydney and I started doing was volunteering at Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin in Madison.

And we were seeing not only the need for food and volunteers there, but just the capacity and the speed that they were working at, what was significant.

ENDRES: So the problem that happened with the pandemic is that places were shut down and there weren't homes for dairy products to go to. Now they've adapted some of that production to switch it to places that are needing it. So by moving more product into homes that need it, we're helping move more products through the dairy supply chain, in turn creating more of a market for farms that are selling their milk to milk plants.

MARTIN: I designed the shirt using a program, the Adobe Suite. I learned how to use it in one of my classes. We're using the marketing skills from classes that we took together. We're also using Sydney's vast dairy knowledge and connections across the state and the country to help spread the word. So we've been able to take this as a full Wisconsin Experience.

ENDRES: I’m Sydney Endres…

MARTIN: And I’m Mariah Martin…

BOTH: And that’s what Badgers do.

MARTIN: Cheers!

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