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Students kicking it in Leopold Residence Hall lay claim to the UW’s newest digs. Completed in August 2013, the dorm just celebrated its demisemiquadragennial. The building is a fitting monument to Aldo Leopold, a pioneer of wildlife ecology and celebrated conservationist who taught at the UW in the early 20th century. Home to the GreenHouse Learning Community and an actual 1,000-square-foot greenhouse, it’s a perfect oasis for nature lovers on campus. Following three years of construction, Sellery Hall is the most recently renovated residence hall. Beginning this fall, Sellmates can say good riddance to hi-vis shirts and loud mornings. Newer doesn’t mean better, of course, so Barnarder's Barn-Yarders needn’t feel bad. Their building — which opened a century earlier than Leopold — holds 110 years of rich Badger history and plenty of renovated features. There are many pros and cons regarding any one of the UW’s 21 undergraduate dorms and three university apartment neighborhoods. And, let’s be honest, aren’t the imperfections and bad roommates the most fun to reminisce about, anyway? As the newest Badgers settle into your old stomping grounds, share your own dorm stories — good and bad — to welcome them home.

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