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Couric’s Commencement Encouragement

Watch Katie Couric’s Commencement address for 2015.

This week the The New York Times published a roundup of inspiring and interesting commencement speeches including First Lady Michelle Obama and Stephen Colbert. One of the most interesting and inspiring though was from Katie Couric, the 2015 University of Wisconsin commencement speaker. If you missed Couric's words, we recommend watching the video on Youtube below.

Some of her advice was specific to the recent graduate. "Get your rears in gear, and at some point take a job, even a less than perfect one because it will teach you about responsibility, initiative, follow through; how to deal with a demanding boss or an annoying co-worker," she said.

But some of the words though are much more far reaching. In particular, she began talking about the broad political picture affecting the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  "State schools are the heart and soul of our nation," she said, "We cannot afford to tear them down.”

Watch the whole thing.

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