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Bucky List: How Do You Spell Rhino?

“April showers bring May flowers” isn’t the only clever rhyme ringing in this month of celebrations.

There seems to be a day, week, or month dedicated to everything from beans (January 6) to bears (March 23) to bike safety (May). Here at Badger Insider, we are all for having something new to celebrate every day. In honor of National Limerick Day (May 12), we’ve penned a few jaunty odes to other May observances.

Clean Air Month
As long as we keep our air clean,
It should remain easy to breathe.
Take one deep breath in,
Then let it all out.
All that’s left is to rinse and repeat.

National Pet Month
As if we needed a reason —
A day, month, or a season.
There’s one thing I’ve learned:
Where Fido’s concerned,
Any day without treats is just treason.

National Walking Month
Walking up old Bascom Hill,
It does give me quite a thrill.
I’m a bit out of breath,
And it could be my death,
But Bucky will be in my will.

Children’s Book Week (May 1–7)
Some kids like flying their kites.
Others love riding their bikes.
Still, some seek a nook,
And pull out a book,
And for them this fine author does write.

Save the Rhino Day (May 1)
We buried, back in eighty-three,
A rhino we’d gotten for free.
We dug it up later.
(It left quite a crater.)
The worms fed magnificently.


There once was a rhino who got
Interred on the Point just to rot.
Its bones, long and stout,
They dug them all out,
And now a museum’s its spot.

National Rotate Your Beer Day (May 1)
There’s many a way to say “Cheers!”
Raise a glass, be it wine or a beer.
Whatever you toast,
What matters the most,
Is you toast with those you hold dear.


If your beer sits for over a year,
You can still drink it, have not a fear —
But if not in the fridge,
It might taste like a midge,
And you’ll want a fresh can standing near.

National Space Day (May 5)
We know there’s no man in the moon —
No cow, nor a fiddle or spoon.
It’s not made of cheese —
We’ve done research, you see —
So let’s sing a different tune.

Online Romance Day (May 14)
If you’re seeking a new online mate,
Then Professor Cat’s rules will dictate:
You can lie just a bit —
Say you’re taller, more fit —
Or you’ll never get past that first date.

National Barbecue Day (May 16)
There once was a big dude named Bill,
Who cherished his barbecue grill,
But when it got hot,
He sweated a lot,
And his pleasure soon dwindled to nil.

World Bee Day (May 20)
The apiarists make all their dough
By making their bugs’ honey flow .
But here is the thing:
I flinch from the sting.
I’ll stick with my safe Sweet ’n’ Low.

National Smile Day (May 31)
There are people who don’t like to smile.
They make us feel awkward and vile.
Can they act less depressed,
Apathetic, and stressed?
Or see a dentist just once in a while?

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