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Blushing Badgers – 1990s

The drama of Melrose Place and excitement of Baywatch has nothing on these love stories from the 1990s.

Badgers know that Cupid’s bow shoots missiles tipped with Motion W–shaped arrowheads. Students find chemistry with each other while sharing a Bunsen burner, or they make sweet music during a trombone lesson. We asked you readers to share tales of where love found you while you were on campus, and your responses brought an ear-splitting chorus of “Awwww…” We have space to reproduce only a fraction of what we received, which should still be enough to send the dial on the romance-o-meter spinning.

In this update, Badger grads of the ’90s share tales of campus romance. Check out the links below for stories from other decades.

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Michelle Seifert Dorsey '97, MD'01

Phoenix, Arizona

My husband [Hubert Dorsey, MD '01] and I met in the most romantic of places on the UW campus, in medical school in the gross anatomy lab over a cadaver. We became friends for several years, clicking in the medical school band "The Arrhythmias". We eventually began dating and married in Madison in 2002. Despite moving away from Wisconsin, we remain avid Badger fans and visit Memorial Union and Camp Randall as often as we can, although we skip the gross anatomy lab!

Juliet Mock ‘02

Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Mike [Mock ’02] received a bachelors in economics and political science (Michael Mock, BA) Juliet received a bachelors of science in nursing. I also have a masters in nursing from the University of Minnesota in 2008.

We met our freshman year, Fall, 1998, in an English 100 class in the Education building.  We were in a group of 4 students who worked together to critique each other’s papers before turning them into the professor. We didn't date right away until the Spring semester of 1999.  We hung out together at each others dorm rooms, Juliet in Ogg Hall and Mike in Witte and went on dates at many locations on campus from hockey games at the Kohl Center to football games at Camp Randall. The rest is pretty much history.  We were never apart after that. We got married May 29, 2004 at a church outside of Madison and of course took wedding photos on campus (one right in front of Education where we met). Bucky Badger was also a guest at our wedding reception! On October 6, 2008 we welcomed our daughter, Julia Madison Mock to our family.  Her middle name was of course chosen for the place where we met.  On September 17, 2013 we welcomed Edison James Mock to our family.  UW-Madison holds great significance for us, not just for our college education, but for finding our perfect soul mate!

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