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Better Sleep, Better Health

Understanding the mysteries of the mind and body.

Understanding the mysteries of the mind and body

MADISON, WI (November 20, 2020) — Science is growing increasingly conscious of the value of what happens to people while they’re unconscious. Sleep is strong medicine — it enhances health, improves quality of life, and extends longevity. During this enrichment event, viewers will gain insights into what happens to people’s brains and bodies while they’re in the land of nod. We’ll also discuss the relationship between sleep and health, and strategies for optimizing time spent sawing logs.

Our Guest:

Steven Barczi, professor, UW–Madison Department of Medicine; attending physician, William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital. Barczi is a nationally recognized medical educator. At the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital, he is clinical director of the Division of Geriatrics, director of the Geriatrics Patient Aligned Care Team, and director of the Sleep Telemedicine Program. He also codirects the Advanced Academic Fellowship in Geriatrics and serves as director for the Connect-Geriatric Telemedicine Program at the Madison VA Geriatrics Research Education and Clinical Center. He has earned national awards of excellence in his field and leads clinical programs in geriatrics at UW Hospital and the Madison VA hospital.

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