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WAA Membership Required

Individuals on the GPU mailing list (current WAA members or those recognized as Van Hise Society, Bascom Hill Society, or 1848 Society) received an email on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 inviting them to register. If you did not get the email to register, please contact the GPU team at There is currently a waiting list for session one, but there is still availability in sessions two and three for GPU 2024.

The qualified registrant's membership or recognition society status must be current on the date they register. WAA membership is open to anyone. You can learn more about becoming a member or renew your membership at

Important Dates to Remember

  • February 20 — Registration email sends at 9 a.m. CT
  • February 29 — Deadline to complete Phase Two of registration
  • April 15 — Deadline to complete waivers for participants
  • May 31 — Deadline to cancel your registration

Registration Process

Registration is a two-phase process that takes place entirely online. All paid registration options (parking permits, housing, etc.) will be selected and paid for on the day of registration. You will then be asked to complete the second phase of registration for your major choices, T-shirt sizes, detailed contact information for your party, and all additional notes and considerations.


Individuals on the GPU mailing list (current WAA members, or recognized as Van Hise Society, Bascom Hill Society, or 1848 Society) received an email on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 inviting them to register. If you did not get the email to register, please contact the GPU team at There is currently a waiting list for session one, but there is still availability in sessions two and three for GPU 2024.

Please contact the GPU team for the link to the registration form where we’ll ask you to:

  • Select the session you wish to attend (Session II or Session III) or add yourself to the waitlist for Session I.
  • Pay the program fees for all grandparents and grandchildren who are registered, as well as any additional add-ons, such as overnight accommodations at Ogg Hall and parking permits. For more information about these options, please visit the Hospitality page.

Once you have paid for your options, you will receive a confirmation email that links you to Phase 2 registration. Please complete Phase 2 by February 29.

  • Rank your majors preferences (first through sixth choice)
  • Provide information for all participants (name, allergies, contact info, etc.)
  • Provide T-shirt size for all participants
  • Select the field trip you wish to participate in.

To secure your registration, you must complete your payment online. WAA cannot accept checks for GPU registration.

Step-by-Step Guide

Program Fees

Prices per participant:

  • One Night of Housing: $290
  • Two Nights of Housing: $340
  • Commuting (Program Only): $230

Parking permits:

  • Two-day parking permit: $30
  • Three-day parking permit: $45

Some optional program elements have additional fees, such as UW parking permits. More information about optional program elements is available on the Hospitality page.

Only credit card payments can be accepted. We cannot accept checks.

Some financial assistance is available for the GPU program. Please contact the GPU team at for the scholarship application. The application is due Friday, March 15, 2024. If you have questions, please contact the GPU staff at 608-308-5585,

Major Confirmation

The grandparent who is registered as the “primary grandparent” will receive an email late April, which will contain:

  • Information about your major.
  • A registration summary.

Major-Placement Process

We always do our best to place participants in their preferred majors, but due to high demand, this is not always possible. All majors are subject to a seniority-based placement process.

Seniority-based placement process: Seniority is determined by adding together the primary grandchild’s age, the number of past GPU sessions that the primary grandchild has attended, and number of past GPU sessions that the primary registering grandparent has attended (not counting this registration period). For example: Ben is 9 years old and has attended one session of GPU. His grandmother has attended three GPU sessions, so Ben’s seniority number is 13 (9+1+3).

Preference during major placement will be given to registrants with higher seniority numbers. This system is used so that repeat attendees and older children who are closer to ineligibility will have the most flexibility in choosing their majors. This is why you should register the grandchild with the most seniority as the “primary” grandchild.

Most GPU majors stay the same from year to year. Sometimes it takes a year or two before your grandchild’s seniority number is high enough to get into your first-choice major. Our program staff and volunteers strive to ensure that every major is engaging and fun for all, so even if you aren’t placed in your top choice, please know that you will still have a special, rewarding experience with your grandchild — and you’ll both learn something new!

You must select majors that are within your grandchild’s age range.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your registration, you must do so by Friday, May 31, 2024 to receive a refund, minus a $25 administrative fee per person. Cancellations received after the deadline will not be eligible for a refund. In the event of a family emergency, however, special arrangements will be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my group be in two different majors?

To be placed in separate majors within the same session, you must register as two separate groups. You can do this by using two devices to register, or registering one group after another.

Why haven’t I received my registration email yet?

The GPU registration email sent automatically on Tuesday, February 20th. If you did not receive the registration email, please contact the GPU team at

What is my Unique ID number to use during registration?

Your Unique ID number will be in your registration email sent on February 20.

Can someone else register for me?

Yes! If you are unable to register for your group, you can forward your registration email to someone else and they can register for you.

Someone in our group has a disability or mobility concerns. How do I communicate this?

There is a special accommodations field and a dietary restrictions field in the second phase of registration, where you can list any needed accommodations for each individual.

We want to be housed next to another group. How do I communicate this?

All other needs or requests can be entered in the “program notes” field in the second phase of registration.

What if the sessions fill before I register?

Capacity in the Grandparents University program is limited. Because of this, capacities will also vary each session. We will open a waiting list when sessions fill, and we will do our best to move families in as space becomes available.

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