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Tanner Marshall Serves as Creative Director at

Coming straight from Khan Academy’s Health and Medicine video team, Tanner Marshall started working with as the “video guy,” and created the Osmosis YouTube channel. At the channel’s inception, he wrote, illustrated, recorded the voiceovers, and edited 3 videos a week. Over the course of 2 years, he to grew the team into an army of script-writers, illustrators, and video editors, and produces close to 10 videos a week. During that time, he also developed a video production application that improved workflows significantly, and now the video team produces more than 15 videos every week, and have been seen by millions of people around the world. At around 2.5 years, he decided to move over to the product team and took on the title of “Creative Director.” With the product team, he’s helped develop Osmosis’s web application and make the experience more joyful and consistent with the tone of the Osmosis videos.

Created by medical students from Johns Hopkins and the former Khan Academy Health & Medicine team, Osmosis is a leading and rapidly growing medical education platform used by more than 850,000 current and future health professionals as well as patients and their family members.

Biomedical engineering – University of Wisconsin

Biomedical engineering – University of Wisconsin

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