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Sports Business Journal All In: Leaders in Diversity and Inclusive Hiring: Sean Frazier

Sean Frazier, associate vice president and athletic director at Northern Illinois University, has led the way for greater opportunities and leadership positions for diverse and underrepresented candidates at the highest levels of intercollegiate athletics. His senior staff includes three women and two senior associate ADs who are Black — Anton Goff and Courtney Vinson. Frazier’s administrative tree includes Notre Dame deputy AD Mario Morris, Miami senior associate AD Tim Wise and Kansas assistant AD Paul Pierce. He co-chairs the LEAD1 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group, which released a white paper and recommendations to help create more opportunities for people of color to advance through the ranks of FBS athletic departments. Frazier also chairs NIU’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and, through his department’s Diversity and Integration Group, released a Social Justice Athletics Education initiative. At every stop in his career — Wisconsin, Merrimack, Clarkson, and Manhattanville — he has led diversity and inclusion initiatives and has been honored for those efforts.

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