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University of Wisconsin – Madison Graduate Co-Founds First “Legacy Preservation” Startup: Sarah Anderson

UW-Madison graduate Sarah Anderson (1999) is celebrating one year since she co-founded Kinetic Legacy LLC to help guide businesses, brands and institutions towards a path of “legacy preservation.”

Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company was formed to help guide businesses, brands and institutions towards a path of legacy preservation, to help strengthen community connections, and safeguard precious memories. Kinetic Legacy’s co-founders Sam Devine, James Holmberg and Sarah Anderson draw from their creative backgrounds in art, design and branding to challenge the way individuals and organizations think, store and preserve their history.

“We live our lives in a digital world which sometimes causes us to overlook the importance of our legacy. We believe legacy matters and that your past is your future,” said Sarah Anderson. “Kinetic Legacy was formed to build a connective digital tissue to help preserve our memories, tell our history and share our stories. Our platform was designed to help harness the power of your story to help make the sharing of memories of the people, places, things and events that matter most, seamlessly and easily.”

The Legacy Platform is a white-label solution that enables users to geolocate places, take and upload pictures of individuals or objects and catalog memories. The platform is intended to be leveraged by alumni groups, non-profits, businesses and other communities that have a story to tell and a legacy to share. Kinetic Legacy staff is available to consult to help organizations develop their own platform.

Sarah Anderson received her B.A. in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an A.A.S. degree in Fashion Marketing from the Parsons School of Design in New York, NY. She recently moved back to the midwest, and previously started a travel boutique, Pack Simply.

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