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Luke Cimino’s Nonprofit Helps Low-Income Communities in Wisconsin and Colombia

Founding Amaru Esperanza in February of 2021, Luke Cimino ’16, has built this nonprofit into an emerging player on the global stage. The certified nonprofit has done house projects, conducted literacy days, refurbished schools, and worked with local neighborhoods to provide fun activities for children and promote active lifestyles. While doing some work in Milwaukee, most of the work centers around Barranquilla, Colombia, where Luke used to work as an athletic director in an international school. Leaving there in 2020, he wanted to give back and founded Amaru Esperanza.

More Alumni Notes

Leah Hunter ’05 has joined the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as associate commissioner for external affairs, where she oversees agency-wide communications activities regarding the FDA’s public health and regulatory activities.