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Frank Eparvier Appointed Associate Director for Science at LASP

Frank Eparvier ’85 was recently appointed associate director for science at the Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics (LASP), the largest space science research institute at the University of Colorado–Boulder. Eparvier is a Wisconsin native. While an undergraduate with a double major in physics and math, he worked at the UW–Madison Math Library and at the Space Science and Engineering Center. Spurred by his experiences in Madison, Eparvier went on to earn a PhD in astrophysical, planetary, and atmospheric sciences at CU–Boulder in 1991. His research has focused on measuring the solar irradiance (light output) and solar variability, and how that variability impacts the atmospheres of Earth and other planets. He has led or taken key roles in instrument teams for numerous satellite and sounding rocket missions, including the NOAA GOES-R series, the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory, and the NASA MAVEN mission to Mars. He is excited to start this new phase of his career.

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