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As one of the top research universities in the world, UW–Madison is on the front lines of many of humanity’s most challenging issues and inquiries. Join fellow alumni for talks with university leaders and experts who will answer your questions about the future of our university — and about groundbreaking discoveries happening on campus right now.

Upcoming Livestream Events

Missed one of our livestreams or want to rewatch a favorite? Check out recordings of all past livestreams now. You can explore a wide range of topics, from economics and foreign policy to football to the latest research about COVID-19 — and more.

Past Events

Ankur Kothari ’01 and Rushabh Parmani ‘01 — co-founders of Automation Anywhere, a company focused on automation products to make work and life better.
Patrick McDaniel, PhD — Tsun-Ming Shih Professor in the Department of Computer Sciences at UW–Madison with research interests in computer and network security and technical public policy.

Rod Copes ’88 
— chairman of Exro Technologies, Inc., former chief operating officer of American EV automaker Rivian, and alumnus of the UW–Madison Department of Mechanical Engineering
Eric Kazyak, PhD — assistant professor in mechanical engineering at UW–Madison, with a research focus on the way we convert, store, and use energy more sustainably, including next-generation “beyond-lithium” batteries
Greg Reichow — partner at Eclipse Ventures, a Palo Alto–based venture capital firm focused on transforming industries, and former executive leader of global manufacturing, factory/automation engineering, supply chain, and product excellence at Tesla

Jon Pevehouse, PhD
— chair of the Department of Political Science at UW-Madison and Mary Herman Rubinstein Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
Yoshiko Herrera, PhD — professor of comparative politics and international relations, former director of the Center for Russia, East Europe and Central Asia
Steven Brooke, PhD — associated professor of comparative politics and director, Middle East Studies Program


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