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Traveler Bio Book Form

  • In order to help us introduce you to fellow travelers, please submit a brief biography. We will compile all of the responses and mail a booklet to each traveler prior to departure. Submissions are optional, but we'd love to hear from you!

    Electronic submissions save you time, save us time, and help us to ensure the accuracy of the information that's included in the booklet. However, if you prefer to mail or fax a copy of this form, please mail it to: WAA Travel, 650 N. Lake St., Madison, WI 53706-1472; or fax it to 608-262-3332, Attn: Travel Team.

    We will compile responses and produce a booklet for you prior to your departure. To be included in the booklet, please respond within two (2) weeks of receiving this form.


    • Please restrict your biography to a brief paragraph. There will be plenty of time to elaborate during the trip!
    • Write it in third person (e.g., Scott spent 30 years in the auto industry).
    • Include details about the degree(s) you hold and the year(s) when you graduated (if you are not an alumnus or alumna of UW–Madison, please list details about your alma mater); your current or former occupation(s); your interests or hobbies; and a favorite memory about UW–Madison or your past travel experiences.
    • We will print your biography exactly as you submit it, so please review it carefully before sharing it with us.
    • Please include the mailing address where you would like your pre-departure items mailed. Materials will be mailed within 30 days from departure. If you have a seasonal address, please use the best address for you during this time.

    Biography example

    Bucky Badger, a 1967 graduate of the University of Wisconsin’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, is a retired CEO of U-Rah-Rah Company. Before that, he was a professional mascot. In his spare time, Bucky enjoys listening to music on the Memorial Union Terrace, tailgating, eating cheese curds, and traveling with alumni friends. He is traveling with his wife, Becky Badger. Becky graduated in 1968 from the UW’s School of Education. She worked as football cheerleader for 25 years and is also now retired. The Badgers have three children and five grandchildren. One of their favorite UW–-Madison memories is traveling with the Wisconsin Alumni Association to the 2000 Rose Bowl! They look forward to meeting everyone on this trip.

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