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Wish You Were Here: Working Memories

Alumni look back on their jobs and internships — the work that filled their hours outside the classroom.

Lead cook Jack Tredinnick prepares a carryout food order at The Sett in Union South at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on June 2, 2020. The photo is part of a series about essential functions, facility maintenance and staff work in the Wisconsin Union that continues to occur while a majority of the UW-Madison campus remains closed due the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. (Photo by Jeff Miller / UW-Madison)

There are many ways to learn at UW–Madison, and in the classroom is only one. Badgers pick up many lessons — and a few bucks — from their student jobs. Whether you had an internship, a work-study position, or a meal job, those experiences taught you the meaning of fiscal responsibility, if nothing else.

We want to hear your stories about your student job or internship. Did you sling hash at Gordon’s? Wait tables at the Stone Pony? Fetch coffee for some office that didn’t know what to do with an intern, anyway? Tell us all about it.

Send us your memory. (Include photos, please!) We’ll add it to this scrapbook.

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