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Wear bug spray in the summer and layers in the winter. Use brandy and not bourbon in your old-fashioned. Don’t try to compete with Game Day. Cheese can go on anything, including your head. These are all essential lessons in a beginner’s course on the Badger State, but not quite the knowledge Wisconsin 101 provides. Wisconsin 101 is a collaborative public history project that uses objects to expand the history of the state and the larger Midwest region. Created in partnership with the Wisconsin Historical Society, Wisconsin Public Radio, and the UW–Madison Department of History, the digital museum invites anyone (no curatorial experience necessary) to share images of their personal objects and the stories behind them to build a larger and more inclusive collective history of what connects people to Wisconsin. Current virtual exhibit topics include Indigenous Peoples, tourism and leisure, the lumber industry, and the legacy of Wisconsin’s waterways. Do you have something you think should be included in the project? Objects in the collection range from the ordinary (Wisconsin classic Jolly Good soda), to the iconic (heard of Harley-Davidson?), and small (20-sided die) to very, very, large (the SS Meteor, docking in at 380 feet long, to be exact). See if your object meets the submission requirements, or write a post for an already accepted object to contribute your own piece of Wisconsin history.

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