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Will Your Major Exist in 175 Years?

This spring, 8,625 UW students earned their degrees — the most ever! In light of graduation season, we asked alumni if they think their major will still exist 175 years from now. Here's what they had to say!

Yes. I’m a teacher, and we will always need teachers!!

Jacqueline Hirsch

Physical therapy: I would think so, but who knows where technology will take us? Perfect human bodies with no need for therapy?

Darby McGuigan

Of course. It was art history. There will be more to know, more to debate, more ways of expression, and more of the human condition. Or more for aliens to discover of our civilization.

Krista Clumpner

Unfortunately, I think my comparative literature major already isn’t offered at the UW anymore, and I only graduated 16 years ago.

Megan Brown

International relations and economics — yes! Truly hope so!

Meikel Nagel

Nursing degrees will still be offered!

Kim Rusy Renfert

Sure! Without geography, you’re nowhere!

Andrew Crane

I think the question is whether humanity will still exist in 175 years, and in what condition. If one presumes some kind of continuum, then yes [mechanical engineering] will.

Brian V. Mann ’83

Physics is still in its infancy. Collectively, my guess is we have already discovered about one percent of what's possible to discover.

Emery Mattson

English lit — yes, but not in its present form

Joel Belland

Yes. Marketing will be forever, but how it’s executed will morph.

Judy Jensen Heffron

Yes: cvil and environmental engineering. There will still be a need for water distribution, sewer collection, water treatment, and wastewater treatment! Not so certain about roads and bridges!

Kate Henske

Yes, for sure! [I earned a] BBA in accounting and marketing!

Eve Graves

Chemical Engineering? Yes. Decision theory? Maybe, but in a much different form.

Bob Gough

Yes. It was English.

Dan Dennehy

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