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UW–Madison Day in DC 2024

The Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) hosted a special UW–Madison Day in Washington, DC, on March 20, 2024. Alumni and friends of the university met with members of Congress and heard from campus leaders. Federal funding and policies have a dramatic impact on programs at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

“Federal funding is the largest single source of revenue for the University of Wisconsin–Madison,” explains Mike Fahey, managing director of state and university relations at WFAA. “The active involvement of alumni and friends of UW–Madison in our advocacy efforts is crucial to the success of our university. This annual gathering of our best advocates in Washington, DC, is an important component of WFAA’s overall advocacy strategy.”

One goal this year was to ask for funding for research on personalized medicine with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease and neurological functions. Charles Hoslet, vice chancellor for university relations at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, told Spectrum News 1 that these funds are critical to creating new jobs and developing new technologies. “These are things that are going to impact not just people in the state of Wisconsin, but indeed people across the country and beyond, as we do these research studies and find new ways to improve human health and human life,” Hoslet said.

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