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You know you’re in the Dairy State when you see the silos shooting in the air next to the Integrated Dairy Facilities on the UW–Madison campus. Cows are moved in and out of the Dairy Cattle Center depending on teaching needs, and there is space for 84 milking cows on campus. Right now, they’re averaging about 87 pounds of milk per cow. That’s a total of about 7,300 pounds of milk a day! Jessica Cederquist, dairy herd administrator, says that the UW is part of a co-op with Foremost Farms. Based on where the UW’s Grade A milk is shipped, Cederquist estimates that the majority is used for cheese production (“Like a true Wisconsin dairy!”). But hold your Holsteins! The 84 campus cows are only part of the herd: did you know that the full UW Dairy Science herd — officially named the Allenstein Dairy Teaching Herd — is made up of more than 1,400 animals, located across three different research facilities in Wisconsin? There are cows in Madison, Arlington, and Marshfield. The rolling herd average for all facilities is about 30,000 pounds of milk every day!

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