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UW Astronomers Discover Structure of Milky Way

Washburn Observatory

Using the latest in imaging technology, astronomers at UW–Madison have gained insight into the structure of the Milky Way, and they now feel confident that they can accurately model its structure from the outermost rim to the center of its core, which they describe as a mysterious type of matter they call “nougat.”

“Nougat is neither a solid nor a liquid, but something previously unknown to science,” says principal investigator Milton Hershey. “We intend to probe it further to see if it contains any known Earth elements.”

The study proposes a new model of the Milky Way, which Hershey posits has an outer barrier of foil. Next is a layer of milk chocolate, which is solid at room temperature but will quickly become liquid if placed in a pocket. Within that is a layer of caramel, which in turn surrounds the nougat core. It’s unclear how the nougat’s gravity holds the entire mass together.

The scientists believe that this discovery will prove essential for their next endeavor, direct human exploration of a Mars Bar.

Enjoy the rest of your April Fool's day!

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