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Today, eligible residents of Minnesota can attend Wisconsin institutions in approved programs and be assessed the approved reciprocity tuition rate, plus segregated fees assessed all students. This arrangement has been in place since the mid 1960s, and is offered to no other state. However, this was not the case when you were in college.

According to the 1944–46 UW course catalog, non-resident students could apply for a tuition reduction if they were from a state “maintaining a state university whose fee for residents of Wisconsin is less than $200 per year.” So during the 1940s, these non-resident students would have paid the same tuition fees that their respective state's university charged students from Wisconsin, with a minimum fee of $100 per year. If tuition for Wisconsin residents at New York's state university was less that $200 per year in from 1944–48, your statement would be true.

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