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Thanksgiving on Campus

Fall on campus
Photo by Althea Dotzour / UW–Madison

We asked Badgers to share how they spent Thanksgiving on campus as a student. Here are some of the memories they shared!

Stayed in and hung out with my fellow House Fellows and a good friend and his mom brought us in Thanksgiving dinner!

Teresa M. J.

I was working overnights at UW Hospital one Thanksgiving when I was in school and I had a full holiday meal in the cafeteria at like 3 am!

Stef H.

One of my most memorable Thanksgiving was when I was living on Franklin Street going to school and my girlfriend and I had Thanksgiving dinner on a box for a table. My girlfriend at that time is now my wife.

Chris U.

 I was invited to an international gathering of students just off campus. My contribution was to give an historic background to the occasion. Recall enjoying a wide and tasty variety of dishes and meeting some wonderful people.

Larry R.

Various things. Went for bike rides if the weather was warm. Hosted family from out of town and made big potluck meals with friends.

Sue J.

I worked as a House Fellow in Sellery one year over Thanksgiving. So, so quiet. They bought dinner for the few people in the building!

Sarah K.

Cooked a full Thanksgiving dinner and had friends over who were not able to be home!

Mary Jo C.-L.

Made dinner at a friend's apartment and then went to The Pub! It was fun.

Kim B.

I was a House Fellow in Bradley for two years and stayed on campus. The res life director who lived in the building hosted Thanksgiving for those of us around for the holiday.

Colleen D.

Drove to Devil's Lake, climbed the bluff and enjoyed the solitude and the view.

Richard H.

Had Thanksgiving dinner with my girlfriend at Howard Johnson’s down the road from Witte Hall. The food was decent and don’t know if the hotel is still there anymore. It was in 1980.

Donald N.

Got a turkey sub and worked on term papers.

Angelo G.

Milked the cows at the DCC.

Sally F.

I brought my family to town to celebrate Thanksgiving in my small campus apartment. It was a tight squeeze but everybody had a great time even when I accidentally dumped an entire bag of turkey brine water on the kitchen floor.

Ross L.

Had a big Thanksgiving spread at the Union for those of us who had no where else to go!

Harlyn J.

Friendsgiving during COVID!

Emma H.

A lot of us out-of-staters celebrated Thanksgiving together with a turkey and football

John Y.

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