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Sweet Dreams, Badger

Do you ever have dreams of being back in college?

Encouraging people to stay home when sick, UW-Madison mascot Bucky Badger is pictured lying in bed and posing with a giant thermometer prop during a photo session for a Smart Restart marketing campaign in the Discovery Building atrium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Aug. 7, 2020. The Smart Restart marketing campaign demonstrates health and safety protocols as campus reopens for the Fall 2020 semester during the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. (Photo by Jeff Miller / UW-Madison)

Do you ever have dreams of being back in college? We asked Badgers to share dreams they've had about being back at UW–Madison and here is what some had to say!

It's time to take the final and I haven't been to class all semester!

Paul M.

Bandmares!! I have them alot! I was in the UW Marching Band and I still have bandmares of losing my music while marching, being late for run on for pregame, forgetting part of my uniform etc. And this has continued for 40 years!! You know something has had a major impact on your life when you still have these!

Tammy C.

It’s approaching semester end I had never attended a class I signed up for, did none of the work and the final is the next day.

Judy S.

I had a dream that i went back to school (at my current age of 62) and was the oldest person in my dorm. So last fall I took advantage of the program that allows seniors 60 and over to audit classes for free. Amazing experience!!!

Laura J. M.

Being late for a marching band performance, or missing a part of my marching band uniform and having to making my way through "campus" (never looks like Madison!) to get it, and then get back to the stadium.

Sarah G.

That I’ve forgotten to wash my sheets for weeks and weeks!

Jean O.

Regularly dream that I’ve been enrolled in a class (usually a math course) all semester and didn’t find out until the final exam schedule is released. 

Arica K. V.'s either a test or a major project due and I haven't attended class all semester. I'm always so relieved when I wake up!

Pam K.

Thought I dropped a class but it didn’t go through and I had to take the final without having taken the class!

Paula N.

I procrastinated on housing and I have no where to live.

Dean F.

I usually can't find my schedule, can't remember my schedule and don't know where I'm supposed to be.

Angela S.

I am wondering around campus and can’t find the right building or class. I am climbing up and down hills and stairs and end up on State Street!

Sommer H.

Didn't go to econ all semester and have to take the final. It is always econ. OR dealing with unpacking boxes and wading through tons of junk to get to my bedroom in some random apartment. I dream about college days way too often.

Kelly W. B.

The dream is always that I find out that I had some project or test that didn't get completed and I didn't actually graduate. Usually my brain pushes back on this ("you've had a job for 30 years") and then I wake up.

Peter K.

It’s usually that I forgot to register for the next semester through the touch-tone system and I’m trying to get into courses the day before classes start.

Ellen F.

My dream is I can’t make drinks fast enough at Porta Bellas front bar where I put myself through the UW for 6 years…. Tons of people lined up and I can’t make drinks fast enough.

Mark S.

Carrying the wrong heavy books up the hill.

Sarah L.

Running back and forth and across campus to register for classes in January for the spring semester, long before computers, when you had to get punch cards to try to make a class schedule. It was freezing cold and filled with tension as you tried to get classes where and when you wanted them. Thinking back, this is fortunately an infrequent nightmare, but still in my head after MANY YEARS.

Marc K.

Blew off a class all semester, never bought the book, bookstore is out of the book, don't know anyone in the class I can borrow book or notes... wake up panicked.

Lisa D. S.

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