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Camp Randall Stadium has hosted quite a few Super Bowl–winning quarterbacks. Wilson (pictured above) and Brees are indeed on the list. Wilson led the Badgers during the 2011 season, and he helped the Seattle Seahawks to win their 2014 Super Bowl. Brees played for Purdue from 1997 to 2000, and he traveled to Madison for a 1998 victory and a 2000 loss. Brees led the Saints to their lone Super Bowl, winning in 2010. But you left out one of the Super Bowl’s leading victors: Tom Brady, who played for Michigan as a college athlete. Brady’s Wolverines beat the Badgers in Camp Randall in 1997 and 1999. Brady’s Patriots won four Super Bowls, most recently in 2017. In addition to Brees, Purdue produced Bob Griese (Miami Dolphins, champions in 1972 and 1973). His Boilermakers won in Madison in 1963 and lost here in 1966. Len Dawson (Kansas City Chiefs, 1970) was also a Boilermaker, beating the Badgers at Camp Randall in 1954 and tying the UW in Madison in 1956. In addition, both Jim McMahon (Chicago Bears, Super Bowl 1986) and Steve Young (San Francisco 49ers, 1994) played for BYU in 1980 when the Cougars came to Madison and beat the Badgers 28–3. McMahon was the starter in that game.

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