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Leo Chenal x’23, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, will be the only former Badger playing in the Super Bowl this year. If you’re a Packers fan who needs even more reason to cheer against the 49ers, there you go. If you’re hoping to see the Chiefs lose and they don’t, well, at least a Badger wins, right? This year’s game will be Chenal’s second appearance in a Super Bowl: he was a part of Kansas City’s victory last year, too. (As a member of the team’s practice squad, Melvin Gordon x’14 also earned a ring in 2023.) Badgers have been a part of Super Bowl history since the very beginning. Ken Bowman ’66, JD’71 helped the Packers win the first two, in 1967 and 1968. With four Super Bowl rings from his time with the Steelers, “Iron Mike” Webster x’74 earned the most championship jewelry in Badger history. His legacy is closely followed by James White ’21, who retired in 2022 after earning three rings with Tom Brady and the Patriots. Nate Odomes x’87 is the former Badger with the honor — or curse — of appearing in the most consecutive Super Bowls. He and the Buffalo Bills were defeated four times in a row in the ’90s. Four is also the highest number of Badgers on an active roster in a Super Bowl matchup. In 2014, Montee Ball x’13 of the Broncos lost to Seahawks Russell Wilson x’14 (shown above), Chris Maragos x’10, and O’Brien Schofield x’10.

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