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We jealously — ahem, sorry — zealously wish our current UW students a happy spring break! And as COVID-19 woes continue to wane, it really does look like we’ll all have a happier spring break than we did the past two years. Aside from any spring break plans in the next week, students can also look forward to more travel opportunities through the UW’s many study abroad programs. Under normal, non-pandemic circumstances, the university offers more than 260 study abroad programs located across 65 countries. Between March of 2020 and July of 2021, all of these programs were canceled. Select programs resumed in the summer of 2021, and students will hopefully have even more opportunities in the 2022–23 academic year. Students looking to earn credit as far away from campus as possible while still living in a large city have their chance with the Indonesian Flagship Language Initiative Program in Malang, Indonesia, located 9,662 miles away from Madison. The Monash University Exchange Program in Melbourne, Australia, is a close second at 9,599 miles away from Madison. Did you take part in any study abroad programs while attending UW–Madison? Tell us about your experience!

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