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Yes, many articles, books and documentary films have explored the Sterling Hall bombing, including the motivations of the four men responsible. Rads: The 1970 Bombing of the Army Math Research Center at the University of Wisconsin and its Aftermath, a 1992 book by journalist Tom Bates MA'68, PhD'72, offers a gripping account of the bombing and that era at UW-Madison. The Madison Bombings: The Story of One of the Two Largest Vehicle-Bombings Ever, a 1988 book by Michael Morris, describes the police procedural for solving the bombing, which killed a physics researcher and injured at least five others. The War at Home is a 1979 documentary film directed by Glenn Silber and Barry Brown on Madison's antiwar unrest during the Vietnam War, including the Sterling Hall bombing. The Bombing of Sterling Hall, a 1999 documentary video by Christopher Lee of Leemark Communications includes interviews with some people involved in the event nearly thirty years later. Madison columnist Doug Moe '79 wrote about suspected accomplice and fugitive Leo Burt x'70 in the summer 2005 issue of On Wisconsin.

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