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The UW has eight main undergraduate schools and colleges (plus four professional schools), but L&S is by far the biggest: so big that it even houses five smaller schools: Music, Journalism and Mass Communication, Social Work, the iSchool (library science), and the La Follette School of Public Affairs. L&S consistently yields the bulk of each graduating class, with a whopping 145,947 degrees awarded since 1985. But which of the UW’s major divisions is second biggest? Counting by the number of degrees granted, the College of Engineering is number two. Last year it awarded 1,404 degrees in total (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral), and it has handed diplomas to 35,839 grads since 1985. But if you just mean the number of bachelor’s degrees, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences holds second place. It gave out 1,027 BS and BA degrees last year and has been number two in that category since the 2011–12 academic year, when it pulled ahead of engineering and the Wisconsin School of Business. The UW’s smallest school is the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, which only awards graduate degrees. Last year, it granted 53 master’s and 11 doctorates for a total of 64 — it’s highest number ever.

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